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About Us

Findlay Park is an independent investment partnership located in London. Our purpose is to generate compelling compound returns for our investors, measured over decades. The Findlay Park American Fund was launched in March 1998 and as at the end of October 2019 has delivered a 12.6% p.a. compound return since inception, net of fees.*

We believe we can generate higher compound returns for our investors by taking less risk. This is counter to what most people believe: that to generate higher returns you need to take more risk. Our starting point when considering any company for investment is not ‘how much can we make if we get it right?’ but ‘how much could we lose if we’re wrong?’ We aim to control the downside risk in each investment to generate a compelling compound rate of return, over time.

We have a clear Investment Philosophy that is aligned to our purpose and rigorously applied throughout all market conditions. This philosophy has guided our research intensive process since the Findlay Park American Fund’s launch in 1998 and manifests itself in a comprehensive list of questions that we ask ourselves about every company we invest in.

We have intentionally kept our business focused, with one team, managing one strategy, available through one fund – the Findlay Park American Fund. We believe that ‘keeping it simple’ maximises our focus and drives better performance. Findlay Park is 100% owned by its partners and our interests are fully aligned with our investors. We are entirely focused on delivering performance and a high level of service for our investors.

Findlay Park’s culture is one of teamwork. We believe our collaborative team is more powerful than a collection of individuals. We always want to learn from our successes, mistakes, and from each other. We continually look to improve the way we do things across our entire business.

*Full performance data available - please see the performance tab on the American Fund page